In order to purchase a whitening kit patients will need to come in for an assessment to make sure there are no contraindications for whitening, as well as to take dental impressions to make the moulds for their custom trays.

To make an appointment for your assessment please give us a call at (02) 8042 0130 or email us at [email protected].

Home Whitening/Bleaching Instructions

  1. Brush and floss teeth, rinse with water.
  2. Using your bleaching syringe add a small amount of bleach to the front of each tooth in the tray that you would like bleached.
  3. Be sure to not add to much bleach as it can over flow and burn your gums.
  4. If bleach overflows, wipe it off of your gums with a cotton bud or tissues.
  5. Leave the tray and bleach on the teeth for one hour.
  6. Do not eat or drink during the bleaching process.
  7. After one hour remove the trays and brush teeth – spit toothpaste out, DO NOT RINSE.
  8. Clean bleach trays with a toothbrush and cold water. DO NOT use toothpaste or warm/hot water as it will cause the trays to scratch or warp.
  9. Store trays in a clear plastic (or soap) container and keep in a safe place.
  10. Bleaching will take approximately 10 – 14 days.

Please contact us if you have any problems or questions during the bleaching process.

During the 10 – 14 Day Bleaching Process

  1. Bleach can cause sensitivity. We recommend the use of ToothMousse during the bleaching process. This is a product that aids in desensitising teeth and it is generally used overnight. You can purchase ToothMousse here at Sydney Road Family Dental when you come in for your assessment.
  2. Avoid eating or drinking anything that can stain the teeth during the 10 – 14 day bleaching process. This includes things like coffee, black tea, red wine, beetroot and curry. If you choose to consume any of these foods/drinks you may have to continue the bleaching process for a longer period of time to get the desired results.

After the 10 – 14 Day Bleaching Process

  1. Ensure that bleach trays are clean and dry. Fit the trays onto your plaster models and store in a safe place.
  2. After a period of time (for example after your six month cleaning appointment) you may want to brighten your shade of teeth again. If this is the case you will only need to bleach for 1 – 2 days following the same instructions as above. You can purchase extra bleaching syringes at our office at Sydney Road Family Dental.